They made right choice

Vian Machado

Academic care has helped me achieve my dream. The rigorous testing mechanism really made the difference in my overall coaching experience. I extend my gratitude towards Academic care and wish all the commerce aspirants best of luck.

Livela Richard Dsouza

It was really a great learning process with Academic care classes through its top notch model tests and evaluation analysis. I was able to find out my weak areas and improve on them well in time. The overall academic experience with Academic care has really helped me perform better SYJC. I am greatly thankful to Academic care and I wish them all the best.

Mittal B Bhanushali

It was a great journey in Academic care two year of struggle at last proved to be a very good experience. Every teacher here helped us to solve our difficulty & gave us the right direction. I am very thankful to every teacher for their support. Tests after every step helped us to improve much & gain more experience. The difficulty level of test forced us to study more deeply into the subjects. I again thanks every teachers & staff of Academic care.

Rahul K Soni

I would whole heartedly like to thank Academic care for giving us intense support when we actually needed it a lot. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the faculty members, parents and yes, myself at course. Every teacher here has always been very hospitable to understand all our problems.

Advaita Ratnagrahi

It was good to learn at Academic care. This class helped us a lot especially accounts, mathematics , economics Papers were the best, it helped us to increase my speed as well as confidence to appear Board exams. The one thing which I really liked was the attitude with which we got things to learn and some tips by some of our teachers. SANJAY SIR’S knowledge with paper solving played a huge role for me at last I got my success thanks to all my friends and teachers and other staff.